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February 5, 2015

Which Toothbrush Is Right For Me: Electric or Manual?

When choosing between an electric toothbrush and a manual toothbrush there are certain factors to keep in mind. Both toothbrushes will do the job of cleaning […]
January 28, 2015

Is It Essential To See My Regular Dentist Before My Cosmetic Dentist?

If you have a cosmetic dentistry procedure coming up it may be essential that you go and visit your general dentist first to ensure that your […]
January 25, 2015

Ways to prevent and manage jaw bone disease highlighted

A review of more than a decade’s worth of research on osteonecrosis of the jaw–when the bone in the jaw is exposed and begins to starve […]
January 21, 2015

Dentists Save Lives

Think about the people who come to mind when you think about saving lives: firemen, policemen, emergency room physicians.  But did you know that dentists can […]
January 18, 2015

Link discovered between tooth loss and slowing mind and body

The memory and walking speeds of adults who have lost all of their teeth decline more rapidly than in those who still have some of their […]
January 14, 2015

Choosing the Right Dentist For Your Child

So you have a dentist you’ve been going to for most of your adult life.  The dentist seems nice enough and you’ve had your occasional cavities […]
January 11, 2015

Sugary drinks duty will save countless teeth, charity says

A 20p per litre duty on sugary drinks would help to eradicate tooth decay and save the NHS millions of pounds in wasted resources. The Children’s […]
January 7, 2015

Getting Over the Fear of Going to the Dentist

As if it were programmed into our genes, it seems as though many of us have this fear of going to the dentist.  Maybe it is […]